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ETA: Forgot a couple:

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20 is my fav. XD

What episode is 11 from?
20 is my fav. XD

Thanks. :D

What episode is 11 from?

Red Zone Cuba. The scene where the cop stops the two fugitive guys and seems suspicious but just lets them go - The implication being that he's too lazy to investigate further.

P.S. I'm totally friending you since we have so many interests in common.

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Awesome. I haven't watched Red Zone Cuba in forever... On my to-rewatch list now!
This is the scene from Red Zone Cuba. The bit with the Mycroft Holmes reference is after the 3 minute mark.

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Nice work!
Thank you. :D
#5 is glorious, as is that whole short.
Thanks it's one of my favorites. And you reminded me that I forgot to post another icon from that short. Fixed that. :)
Hee! Snagging some of these.
Awesome, enjoy. :D
Snagging the "Shave tall, jump tall, crouch tall" one because that bit always makes me laugh. XD Will credit when used.
Enjoy. :D